– Abul Kalam Azad Sulthan, Advocate, High Court of Judicature at Madras and Madurai Bench of Madras High Court & Partner, Spicy Law Firm.

The timely intervention of the Hon’ble Madurai Bench of Madras High Court obligated the concerned officials to proceed on the right track. In this barbaric case, the initial FIR came out with a concocted story to mislead the Court and public. But the investigative journalism by the media personalities of Tamilnadu unmasked the truth.

The Chief Minister of Tamilnadu stereotyped the version of the Superintendent of Police, Tutocorin. But the blindfolded woman carrying a sword and a set of scales came forward to console the bereaved family and enhance the public confidence in the judiciary. The slew of directions issued by the Hon’ble Court proved that judiciary is the only ray of light in dark times.

The turn of events was distressing. It was shocking and surprising that a police constable abused the Learned Magistrate who visited the Sathankulam Police Station to conduct enquiry as directed by the Hon’ble Madurai Bench of Madras High Court. The higher officials who were present there at Sathankulam PS have also tried to intimidate the magistrate. The valiant and profound magistrate conducted the enquiry and forwarded his report. The courageous and altruistic woman head constable Mrs.Revathi gave the statement uncovering the horrific and cruel scene of crime. Hats off Mrs.Revathi for the immense courage to voice out against the criminals.

In the history of Police force in pre-independence and post-independence India, for the first time ever, the revenue officials were directed by the Hon’ble Court to take control of the Sathankulam Police Station as the report by the magistrate clearly stated the attempt by the police to tamper the evidences. The cause of disgrace is not only the few policemen accused in this issue, and also the higher-ups in whose integrity the public lost confidence in.

The State Government has faced severe criticism from opposition and general public. Hence having no other option, the State Government came forward to transfer the investigation to CBI. The transfer of case to CBI is a time consuming process. Since the Hon’ble Judges didn’t even want to waste a single second, they were pleased to direct the CBCID to start the investigation and continue till the case is transferred to CBI.

Within a day, a case under Section 302 was registered against 6 policemen and one sub-inspector was arrested. Finally people are seeing ray of hope. In my opinion, the case will progress on right track only if the Hon’ble Court continues to closely monitor this case, otherwise there is a hug chance that the case will be buried. I earnestly hope that the Hon’ble Court will continue to monitor.

Due to the great effort by the Judiciary, public, media and opposition party, the accused were booked for the custodial murder. This couldn’t have happened without the selfless efforts by the Learned Magistrate Mr. Bharathidasan and the intrepid woman head constable Mrs. Revathi. Kudos to them.

The CCTV footages aired by the TV channels apparently proved that the story in the initial FIR was concocted one and written to safeguard the culprits. Apart from that, the most intriguing piece of document in this issue is the fitness certificate issued by the Government Doctor. If the doctor had remembered the ‘Hippocratic Oath’ for a second, the two lives could have been saved. The act of the doctor is not only the dereliction of duty, and also a professional misconduct and abetment of the crime.

If the murderers, abetters and higher-ups who tried to cover up the crime are brought before the Court of Law and punished severely, it will strengthen the public trust and confidence in democracy.