– Compiled by Abul Kalam Azad Sulthan, Advocate, Madurai Bench of High Court of Judicature at Madras.


Section 16: As per this section, advocates are classified as two categories. 1) Senior Advocates and 2) other advocates.

Section 17: A roll of advocates shall be prepared and maintained by the State Bar Council

Section 18:  Transfer of Advocate’s name from the roll of one state to another state

Section 19: State Bar Councils to send copies of the rolls of advocates to the Bar Council of India

Section 21: Disputes related to seniority. In case the date of seniority of two or more persons is same, then the one senior in age shall be reckoned as senior to the other.

Section 22: Certificate of Enrollment

Section 24: Qualification for enrollment

Section 24-A: Disqualification for enrollment

Section 25: Authority to whom enrollment applications may be made: It is the State Bar Council to whom the Enrollment applications may be made.

Section 26-A: Power to remove names from roll, based on the request from the advocate or due to death of the advocate.

Section 30: Right of advocates to practice

Section 35: Punishment for misconduct of advocates

Section 36: Disciplinary Powers of Bar Council of India

Section 37: Appeal to the Bar Council of India against the order of Disciplinary Committee of State Bar Council

Section 38: Appeal to the Supreme Court of India against the order made by the disciplinary committee of the Bar Council of India under section 36 or section 37.

Section 40: Stay of orders in case of appeals

Section 45: Penalty for persons illegally practicing in Courts and before other authorities.