We are honored to inform that the Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC) Conference is to be held on 30th March 2019 at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad.

The Conference Highlights:


The Asian Arab Leaders Conclave will be a power packed evening with Industry Captains from the Industry as well as Policy Makers coming together on a single platform to throw light on the challenges ahead, uncover potential opportunities and discuss the means to achieve exponential growth.


Hundreds of business products and services are being launched on daily basis with very few of them actually reaching their intended audience. Securing product coverage is even more challenging for selling complex, enterprise, innovative & emerging technology.


AACC recognizes companies based on their performance and contribution to the industry by bestowing Export Awards in different categories every year in a star studded evening. An eminent jury committee consisting of representatives from Asian Countries, Diplomats, Academia and Industry recommends the deserving awardees covering entire spectrum of Business, Manufacturing, Import, Technology and Exporting Companies.


The AACC Arab Culture Zone provides a unique and interactive showcase of the ancient cultures from the top hubs from across the Asian Arab continent. A showcase of the culturally rich products, revolutionary ideas through the culture identified to impact and change the future.


The AACC Excellence awards offers individuals and companies with a platform to showcase their contribution and value addition in the field of Banking and Technology. Exhibitor awards recognize the best designed & informative Booth along with Poster Awards presented for the most original or innovative idea presented during the programme.


A platform for startups to showcase their innovations, meet founders, innovation executives, and investors to build partnerships and shape the future.


An increasingly popular concept at the SEZ Awards program offers a unique lab to market platform to host and showcase research ideas and potential innovations to Special Economic Zones and help to exchange ideas and accelerate its successful development. This is a great opportunity which helps Economic zones to reach business investors and to get businesses off the ground.


These tutorials are focused on providing an opportunity for participants to learn first-hand from the industry experts. Each session is a springboard to a deeper understanding of business and its myriad applications and potential for innovation.


Poster sessions allow for greater audience engagement and has gained immense popularity overtime. Posters exhibited by young graduates showcase newness each time with their excellent research and innovative ideas that have the potential to make significant impact in the field of life Asian Arab Continents.


This is a platform to showcase for anyone who is embracing the DIY or do-ityourself (or do-it-together!) spirit and wants to share their accomplishments with an appreciative audience and rub shoulders with other makers. It is a place where businesses, hobbyists, tinkerers, artisans, craftspeople, entrepreneurs and the merely curious gather together to celebrate, inspire and get inspired!

*Arab B2B Expo

International Tradeshow will offer opportunities to various industry sectors like Banks, Consulting companies, Entrepreneurs, Building Equipments to showcase unique technologies, products and services. It will be an ideal platform for MSMEs, SMEs, Start-Ups, PSUs, Research, Educational Institutes, Infrastructure companies and so on. The exhibition will attract over 1000 visitors consisting of registered delegates as well as other professionals keen to source and collaborate.

*B2B Meetings

The Partnering tool helps schedule targeted meetings using our One-on-One partnering application and set up face-to-face meetings with the leaders in Business, Heads of reputed research institutions and policy makers from various global governments. This application aims to make maximum use of time and facilitate access to relevant audience with a wide spectrum of opportunities.