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FDI in Indian LLPs

Introduction: LLP is a new corporate vehicle in India and it is a right combination of features of a Partnership firm and a limited liability company (A private limited company).  It is as flexible as a Partnership firm and has the advantages of a limited liability company. Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 introduced this new [...]

Due diligence checklist before buying a chemical factory

Introduction This article is about due diligence checklist before buying a chemical factory. There are three different aspects the prospective buyer should look for before buying a chemical business. Those can be categorized under the following broad heads. 1. Corporate structure, 2. Operation of business (Manufacturing, export, etc), and 3. Compliance with legal regulations. Let [...]

How Could Co-Founders Agreement Helped in Dispute?

Introduction: dispute is a well-known issue and is a lesson to be studied by the entrepreneurs before starting a startup venture. The major question behind the dispute is what will happen to the startup if one or more co-founders leave the business. If there is an agreement without any ambiguity, then the chance [...]

Sole Proprietorship Vs Company

There are several differences, several advantages, and disadvantages in both forms of business. A sole proprietorship is very simple to form and does not require much paperwork to start with. But, a Company requires paperwork which has to be verified by a Professional (CA, CMA or CS) before filing with the Registrar of Companies. There [...]

Choosing a right business name for your start-up…

If you are going to form a company, the name should have three parts. 1) Name, 2) Object part and 3) Constitution of the company. For Example: Spicy Law LLP ‘SPICY’ is the Name part, ‘LAW’ is the Object part and ‘LLP’ is the Constitution part of the name of this business. In TATA Consultancy [...]