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What are the laws a doctor must be aware of?

Introduction: Doctors are approached by patients as the patients believe that the doctor can give medical treatment with the knowledge and experience gained from the medical education and years of practice, and give relief to the patient from his ailment.  This kind of relationship can be considered as a contract between the patient and doctor [...]

Is offering your house to strangers for staying through Airbnb legal? What would one need to do so legally?

Introduction: Airbnb is an aggregator and online marketplace which enables people to list their properties, vacant rooms in home for short-term stay. Airbnb does not own any property, building etc, but merely operates as an aggregator. Airbnb is similar to Uber and Ola which are operating as aggregators in taxi rentals business. As of now [...]

Salient Features of the Electricity Act, 2003

Policies: The Electricity Act, 2003 envisages that policies to be framed regarding various aspects and it should be done by the Central Government in consultation with the State Governments and Electricity Commissions as the subject is in the concurrent list of Schedule VII of the Constitution of India. National Electricity Policy (Section 3 of the [...]